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Testimonials from patients


"Thank you for being so great last Thursday, you were both really reassuring and I felt in very good hands. The tooth has been completely painless since - long may it last"

Patient HI - April 2021


"I thanked AJ, but also wanted to thank you and the other nurse that helped in my procedure. I was so grateful you were all so kind and personable - it meant a lot as it was quite an emotional time." 

Patient EC - March 2021


"Thanks again for everything, you were both amazing, all the best"

Patient MR-S - February 2021

"that was a splendid 2 hours yesterday

I wish I had been as good a solicitor as you a dentist

Thankyou for taking on my problem.

from the point of view of the patient there is little appreciation of what is happening

but with you care and attention to detail is manifest.


Patient RM - January 2021

"Lovely to talk to you Sarah, thank you 

I shall have a read, but i feel confident already - you are very reassuring : )"

Patient MRS - January 2021

"I was bowled over by the friendly and professional consultation,

and it's good to know you are there."

Patient MH - December 2020

"please may I thank you and AJ for your kind attention today for me 

I was (perhaps embarrassingly) asleep

I am only the patient and thus cannot comment on the work but got the impression that AJ & you were pleased with the result.

but thank you for making it so nice"

Patient RM - November 2020


"Dear Dr Emma,


I just wanted to say thank you for today. I was prepared for any eventuality to be honest, you never know how children will react to things. I’m super proud of xxxx as I know he’s generally sensitive and I’m just glad he allowed you to sort of finish the job. Thank you so much for your respectful approach. I think it’s empowering for children to feel listened to." 

Parents of LB 5 years old - November 2020



"...Thanks again - and for all the fantastic support and and Sarah have offered. I will be a much better "cleaner" in future, this has certainly been a bit of a wake up call for me..."

Patient JO'G- November 2020

"...Again, I just want to thank you and AJ for going above and beyond to help me out last Thursday evening. I can’t emphasise enough how much your professionalism and dedication allowed me to continue my normal life and for that I am hugely grateful. Thank you again..."

Patient JH - October 2020

"I've been able to eat on the RHS of my mouth without sharp pain for the first time in a long time - which feels amazing!"

Patient GL - September 2020

"Thank you both for your kind manner at my appointment. I really appreciated it." 

Patient EC - August 2020

"I feel great and look fabulous!  I smile brightly! 

 Thank you to all the team."

Patient AL - 2020

As a practising dentist with 45 years’ experience,  I am well placed to comment on another dentist’s performance. A dentist requires 3 skills that are actually unrelated to each other:


1. Communication - This is essential to help a patient understand what the options are, as well as the risks and benefits of each option.  The dentist also has to put the patient at ease, as dentistry is arduous to most people.  This can only be achieved by taking time to explain every aspect of the intended treatment, and deal with any and all concerns.

2. Considerate - pain-free care. The dentist has to be gentle and understanding to the patient’s needs.  If they feel pain, you must never ignore them, but give more anaesthetic.  If they need to swallow, cough, rest, visit the toilet or whatever, the dentist has to be aware of discomfort, and take prompt action to care for the patient.

3. Quality of dentistry provided - The only person able to professionally judge dental work, is another dentist.  As far as a patient is concerned, if it “didn’t hurt and looks lovely” they are satisfied.  A dentist also considers the long-term future of work carried out, as well as many other factors, so is much more critical of any other dentists’ work.

I choose my own dentist with the greatest care. Having now completed considerable implant bridge treatment over the last 2 years, I am extremely satisfied with all 3 of the above essential requirements, and am more than happy to recommend him to other patients and dentists. 

Patient AG


"I wanted to thank you one more time for treating my tooth, for your care and knowledge that I value so much. I found it very helpful that you were so calm and considerate, and kept communicating with me during my treatment. Thanks a lot! And again many thanks for your big work on my tooth and help with my career!"

Patient AM 


"Brilliant service yet again. Staff are caring, courteous and efficient."

Patient IM

"Thanks for such wonderful care and treatment."

Patient EO

"Many, many thanks to you for your kindness."

Patient JE

"Many thanks, it's fantastic to be pain free and I'm very grateful for your help."

Patient MH

"It is now just over a month since you completed the treatment resulting in a dental implant. I wanted to say thank you and how much I appreciated your skill and care."

Patient AS

"Thank you for all your work for me."

Patient JL

"Many many thanks for helping me to have the perfect smile ."

Patient BB 

"I do not know how to thank you enough."

Patient AM

"I wish to say thank you for your treatment, care and time you have given me over 2016 ."

Patient GC


"Absolutely amazing experience from start to finish."

Patient DA

"Thank you so much for yesterday; you did amazing work." 

Patient FB 

"Many thanks, it's fantastic to be pain free and I'm very grateful for your help." 

Patient MH

"Both my husband and myself are patients of  Conway Dental. My husband has had extensive work to his gums and teeth which has been carried out by Aj. Without this work being carried out he would have lost his teeth as his gums were very infected. This was not picked up y our previous dentist."

Review from wife of patient JS

"Brilliant service yet again. Staff are caring, courteous and efficient."

Patient IM

"AJ is great!" 

Anonymous Patient Feedback 2018 "


"Very polite and understanding and very professional." 

Anonymous Patient Feedback 2018 "


"Very helpful. I have a good understanding of my treatment." 

Anonymous Patient Feedback 2018 "


Testimonials from referring dentists

"AJ Ray-Chaudhuri has been a fantastic colleague to refer patients to, both for periodontal and/ or combined periodontal - restorative assessment and planning.

I can be sure that patients will get the very best up to date care with AJ and that the dentition and periodontium will be considered as a whole in planning the road to periodontal stability and a happy customer!

AJ is also incredibly approachable and maintains open lines of coms throughout to discuss cases and update on their progress."

Dr Emily Tucker - Fellows Dental Practice Eastbourne - March 2021


"Dear AJ,

Thank you for treating our patient. She was absolutely thrilled with the service, the treatment outcome and the professionalism. She was very grateful to you and your team.Her husband echoed the same comments too.

Thank you again.

Kind Regards"

Dr A Jawahar - Hurst Dental Practice

"...I've been very fortunate to have the absolute pleasure of working with AJ for the last 4 years. He is one of the most approachable Consultants I have ever come across in my career and is always on hand to offer advice to myself day and night. Anyone that has met him will quickly realise his true passion in life is dentistry and his knowledge on the subject is second to none.

AJ is quite exceptional as he is a Specialist in multiple fields of dentistry. Having referred multiple patients to AJ over the years I know when a patient sees AJ they are receiving the very best in Specialist diagnostic advice, consequential treatment planning, gum treatment, root canal treatment, implant treatment as well as crown and bridge treatment.

AJ has a fantastic rapport with all the patients I have seen him treat over the years. He has always kept me informed about my patients journey with him from start to finish. I would have no hesitation to refer anyone of my family to his very attentive and detailed dental care.

Hearing him speak at lectures has completely changed my approach to dentistry and revitalised my passion for dentistry. Honestly speaking there is no dental problem big or small for AJ and I would fully recommend seeing him if you are looking for good quality dental treatment..."

Maninder Mann - Principle dentist Bourbon Street Dental Care

"...I have been referring to AJ for over 6 years now and I must say that I can not recommend him enough. He is a very friendly, enthusiastic and a passionate dentist. As he is a registered Specialist in many fields I feel my patients get an all-round opinion on what would be best for them. AJ is also very approachable. I can communicate with him personally by phone, text or email. I have even phoned him on a Sunday night for an opinion and he has been more than happy to help me. My patients are always kept in the loop with As excellent communication skills and regular letters from his administrative team. All my patients get on really well with AJ and all my patients are even given his personal mobile and email address just in case they have queries or problems; now that’s what I call service! On a final note when the patient finishes treatment with AJ the dental work he completes is nothing short of amazing..."

Dr H Basra - Principal dentist Conway House Dental Practice

"...I have been fortunate to be working with AJ for over 8 years now across 2 practices in central London. Knowing he is around gives a sense of calm and confidence when treating my patients and has improved my clinical knowledge hugely. 


I have nothing but huge admiration for AJ. He treats his fellow colleagues with respect which makes him easily approachable. He is a humble Consultant willing to share his knowledge and skills on a social and professional level without making you feel inferior. This is extremely important as it can be daunting for the majority of us that need and ask for help and guidance. 


I have been both fortunate to shadow him on clinics and listening to him lecture on multiple subjects. He is a Specialist in multiple fields (the last of his kind I believe!). He also has a medical law background which enables him to give a more balanced and informative view to patients and dentists which is essential in this current climate. 


I am constantly referring patients to AJ for both treatment planning and Restorative treatment including implants, management of gum disease, root canal treatment, crowns, bridges, dentures etc. His level of care is of an exceptional standard and he never pressures anyone into treatment. Moreover, the patient will leave the consultation appointment with a comprehensive dental report highlighting his suggestions with possible treatment and their benefit and risks. He is constantly communicating with the patient and dentist to ensure we have all understood the options. 


AJ believes in good planning and consent, exceptional quality of treatment and also great post-treatment care. He takes it upon himself to follow up with patients, something which my patients have been very impressed with. He is a truly accessible Consultant, reachable on his mobile, his website and social media (any time of day) and this is extremely important. 


AJ is the first person I would see if I ever needed any dental treatment I’m extremely dental phobic. I would never hesitate to recommend AJ as he is someone whom I would feel more than comfortable having advice and treatment with and able to send both my family and patients to in a blink of an eye..." 

Dr Ronak Patel - Victoria Dental Centre and Chiswick Park Dental Practice

"...I have referred my patients to Mr. Ray-Chaudhuri for over four years now. They have been impressed by his thorough consultations, as well as the care and dentistry that they have received. Being a Consultant in Restorative dentistry and Implantology, I have recommended him for many a expert opinion, periodontal treatments, complex Endodontics, implants and challenging Restorative cases. 


He has always kept me updated with regard to the patient's decision and the outcome of treatment.


I have also attended many of his courses, which have been very relevant and insightful.

He is ethical, kind and professional. A top-notch clinician, fantastic educator and a credit to the profession..."

Dr. Nina Kelman, Associate Dentist - Conway House Dental Practice

"...As GDPs , we face a tough dilemma for our patients when it comes to referrals for complicated Endodontic, Restorative, Periodontal  or even implant cases. I have been sending my patients to AJ for over 7 years now and never been disappointed with the treatment my patients have received.  Treatment plans have been clear and the attention to detail, not only in the patient communication but the dentistry itself, is the best I have come across. He is passionate about his work and is an inspiration to our dental team.

He is very approachable and keen to involve the referring dentist in all his treatment plans, which makes the patients feels comfortable and well looked after. I would highly recommend AJ’s professional services to patient’s and colleagues who are looking for an ethical, passionate and caring dentist..."

Dr J Basra, Prinicipal Dentist  -  Ash Tree House Dental Practice


Testimonials from colleagues

"I have worked with Aj at the Royal Alexandra Children's hospital in Brighton for the past two years, and I can honestly say he is the most calm, kind, patient and understanding dentist I have ever worked for. With patients and staff, dealing with sometimes extremely challenging head and neck cancer patients, Aj never seems flustered! Always having time to explain things to his nurses encouraging them to learn, and a wonderful manor with patients and their friends and relatives.

You are in great hands with Aj."

Dental nurse SR 2019

"AJ Ray-Chaudhuri is without doubt an excellent clinician his extensive knowledge, honed clinical skills and caring nature are shown in every procedure from a simple examination to complex micro surgery. He is a pleasure to work with."

Anonymous Colleague Feedback 2018


"Mr Ray-Chaudhuri is a huge asset to our team. We wonder how we ever managed without him and how we would ever manage without him in the future. An excellent colleague. He is always helpful and approachable and manages to achieve an awful lot in a very short space of time.” Anonymous Colleague Feedback 2018


"AJ is an excellent colleague. He is enthusiastic, optimistic, flexible and proactive. He strives to deliver excellence for his patients and is great example of a good team player."  

Anonymous Colleague Feedback 2018


"I always found him to be approachable and helpful. His communication skills are excellent" 

Anonymous Colleague Feedback 2018


"An excellent colleague"

Anonymous Colleague Feedback 2018


"Very enthusiastic, enjoy working with AJ, always takes time to out to teach and explain things."

 Anonymous Colleague Feedback 2018


"AJ is very polite, professional and has sound knowledge in his area of expertise."

Anonymous Colleague Feedback 2018


"AJ is a great clinician and a highly valued member of our team. A great colleague!"

Anonymous Colleague Feedback 2018


"AJ is approachable and always helpful. The care he gives to patients is outstanding and they always comment on how nice he is. He is reliable and always keen to help other members of the team. A great asset to the department."

Anonymous Colleague Feedback 2018


"AJ is an efficient practitioner and I enjoy working with him. He is always available and responds to communication in a good amount of time. He is friendly, efficient, helpful and approachable."

Anonymous Colleague Feedback 2018


"AJ Ray-Chaudhuri is an excellent clinician and manages complex procedures and involves patients and communicates effectively."

Anonymous Colleague Feedback 2018


"Mr Ray-Chaudhuri is an excellent team member at Conway House Dental Practice. He works 110%, gives his patients the best treatment and care possible to his ability. He is very organised, prompt, thorough and best of all the best Specialist we have ever had at our practice." Anonymous Colleague Feedback 2018


"Dr Ray-Chaudhuri is pleasant to work with, he is very organised, helpful, patient and a pleasure to work with,"

 Anonymous Colleague Feedback 2018


"A brilliant clinician, always makes the patients feel comfortable and cared for. Acts in the best interest of patients. gives patients all options of treatment. very knowledgeable. Overall an excellent clinician."

Anonymous Colleague Feedback 2018

Testimonials from course delegates

Emma Ray-Chaudhuri's lecture feedback"Paediatric Dental Trauma" 30th July 2020

  • Very interesting presentation with lots of information and important points delivered brilliantly. Thank you.

  • Excellent presentation. Thank you.

  • Excellent oral presentation and clear, visible images/radiographs.

  • Really like the webinar format.

  • Emma's presentation was excellent, clearly delivered, and packed full of useful information.

  • The webinars I have seen so far have been well presented with high quality speakers.

  • Very good course. Lot to take in but good references from speaker for further reading.

  • Excellent lecture, learnt a lot, good content, use of cases with photos and radiographs to help illustrate the points being made and accompanying the information.

  • Good pace at which the course was delivered.

  • Many thanks for an interesting webinar.

  • Great presentation with some helpful tips.

  • I am very grateful for today's webinar, very helpful well presented, despite very short time available for such extensive subject.

  • Good overview at a basic level with good clinical cases to give context.

  • Great speaker, good valuable content, perfect performance.

  • Well presented, comprehensive lecture, many thanks.

  • Really enjoyed Emma's presentation, the time flew and I have loads of notes.

  • Very good summary of a huge topic.

  • Excellent talk with clear advice.

  • This was a very useful lecture and good to see clinical cases.

  • Very good speaker, very clear information delivered extremely well. Very relevant to practice.

  • Good content and excellent photos to illustrate.


"Dear Aj,

An absolutely excellent seminar this evening. Thank you very much for that and it was very informative"


"Thank you for the amazing study day, I really learnt a lot today and I really feel inspired by your approach to how you think about occlusion and dentistry as a whole.

Thank you again for a very informative and engaging day."

"It was so lovely to see you yesterday and it was a great hands on course so thank you so much for this."


"Excellent teacher. Great asset to the field of dentistry. He is very approachable and understanding, highly recommended."

"Thanks for a another wonderful and motivating day at the posterior cavity course. Can I say it's been a real pleasure to attend your courses. And I really appreciate all the effort that you have gone to in order to provide us with these courses."

"The course was well beyond my expectations."

"I have learnt quite a few tips which I feel are important …. I will put them in practice on Monday morning."  

"More of the same please …. I really enjoyed the interaction."


"This is exactly what I wanted ….less lecturing….more practical tips."

"I just wanted to say thanks a lot for taking the lecture on Wednesday. Myself and one of the other dentists I work with came and we found it really useful. We've already changed a few things we were doing before!"

"Thank you very much for the information which will help me a lot in my daily routine. I am sure I will meet you soon at one of your courses."

"Hey AJ, just wanted to say a big thank you for speaking last week to the nurses.  Everyone really enjoyed it."

"I attended one of your lecture/courses on Endodontics last month. I really enjoyed your talk and found the whole content incredibly useful and exciting. I am very interested in the field of Endodontics and found your work very refreshing."

"Thanks so much for all your help over the last several months. You are such an inspiration."

"Thank you for the excellent Brighton BDA section presentation you gave in December."

"Thank you so much for yet another inspiring presentation at the LDC meeting."

"Thank you very much for the information which will help me a lot in my daily routine."

"Thank you for an excellent course last week on Anterior crowns, as well as the excellent handouts."

"I went to your course yesterday and it was brilliant and very inspiring. You have helped me being able to be better at my treatment planning."

"Really enjoyed it, AJ was a fantastic speaker."

"Very good speaker, it was interactive and very helpful. I learned a lot today."

"It was one of the best hands-on courses I have been to in my life."

"Very good delivery. AJ covered additional subjects which was a bonus."

"I really enjoyed the lecture yesterday. I picked up quite a few tips." 

"Fantastic. Approachable and gave great feedback."

"Very interactive, very well led and I now feel much more confident. Thank you."

"Very informative and helpful. I’ll definitely be able to apply this tomorrow. Thank you."

"Really enjoyed and good to get feedback on preps. Thank you."

"Thank you again for a very useful day on anterior composites - like all of your courses, I always come back with useful ideas and tips."

"Thank you for an excellent course last week on Anterior crowns, as well as the excellent handouts."

"The course was well structured, concise and captivating."

"Dr Ray-Chaudhuri’s strive for perfection is truly inspirational."

"Highly relevant and the presentation was conducted in such a way that it was interactive and interesting. I would highly recommend it and would love more of this in the new year! Very very useful."

"Many thanks for a great and interactive afternoon, it was really enjoyable and I learnt a lot."

"I really learned how to improve my posterior crown preparations and the importance of measuring your preparations using your matrix and burs as a reference."

"Fantastic teacher, I will be back for more of his courses."

"Very enjoyable and lots of current scenarios discussed which we come across daily."

"Enjoyed the course. I liked the hands on and case based discussions."

"Very good. Informative and approachable speaker."

"The course was what I expected I have learnt a lot."

"It was very good practical hands on course. Tutor was very patient and demonstrative."

"Fantastic speaker very compassionate and understanding. I'm very happy."

"Really good, learnt a lot of new tips, great speaker. I would definitely recommend it."

"Engaging and interesting, AJ was very inspiring."

"Really enjoyed AJ's lecture at end. Very good practical tips."

"AJ Ray-Chaudhuri's session was very interesting and well presented."

"A very very good talk, I saw things I have never seen before."

"Amazing session, very informative, very relevant, addressed all areas of concern. I recommend it for all."

"Very very good. Trying to find all the courses where AJ is doing them."


"It's an excellent course and very helpful to me."

"Would definitely do another course. A very approachable and knowledgeable speaker."

"Very knowledgeable and a brilliant teacher. Thank you very much AJ."

"Superb course, I learned a lot of useful and practical tips."

"A very nice course. Highly recommend it."

"AJ, thank you once again for a fantastic set of lectures, they went down brilliantly."

"Thanks to AJ for an inspiring course at St George’s. For the first time, I have categories of crowns clear in my head. I’m keeping an eye out for your next course."

"Great teaching of crowns and bridges."

"It was a very informative and really excellent teaching course, very much appreciated."

"AJ, you are a nice guy and a brilliant clinician. It's been a great day again, I always learn things on your course. I'll be back."

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