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Single tooth implant in the aesthetic zone


Removal of deciduous teeth and 2 implants

Removal of a premolar and replacement with an implant

Removal of upper premolar, temporary bridge and an implant

Extractions, explantation and posterior implant bridges

Removal of fractured tooth, immediate denture and implant

Implant replacement of 3 fractured teeth

Implant replacement of a missing molar

Hypodontia treated with two implants

Hypodontia of two lower premolars treated with implants

Missing lower premolar replaced with implant and deciduous tooth salvaged

Failed root filling extracted and replaced with implant and metal crown

Extraction of a fractured upper premolar and replacement with temporary adhesive bridge, grafting and an implant

Missing upper molar replaced with implant

Removal of infected premolar and replacement with a temporary adhesive bridge and implant

Decayed central incisor replaced with implant and decayed lateral incisor salvaged with post, core and crown

Extraction of fractured premolar, immediate denture and an implant

Replacement of 5 decayed teeth with 4 implants, 2 crowns and 1 bridge

Replacement of upper premolar space with implant and crown

Extraction of 2 decayed molars and replacement with 2 implants and crowns

Implant to replace a molar with external cervical resorption

Extraction, graft, implant and crown

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